Here at Outlet we have a number of specialist facilities and services to help ensure everyone has an easy and enjoyable shopping experience.


Wheelchairs and Scooter Hire

You can hire wheelchairs and scooters from Guest Services located in the main entrance of The O2, available for short-term hire to help you get around the shops.

Changing Places

Outlet has a Changing Places toilet onsite, for those guests with additional accessibility requirements.

The Changing Places facility is accessed by Radar Key.


We have a number of lifts located around Outlet and The O2 for quick and easy access to the upper and lower levels.


Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

Accessibility continues to remain at the forefront of The O2’s development when it comes to making a difference at the world’s most popular venue for music, entertainment and leisure; and now, The O2 is backing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme to further improve the experience of visitors with hidden disabilities.

The scheme, originally launched at airports and adopted by supermarkets, looks to help those that may have hidden disabilities to discreetly access support and communicate without the need to explain. The initiative will be implemented across the whole of The O2 and will enable staff to offer additional information, support and understanding to those who visit The O2 whether that may be for an event in the arena, shopping at Outlet, a climb Up at The O2 and more.

The backing of the Hidden Disabilities scheme comes as a continued effort by The O2 to implement Good Vibes All Round, an initiative that launched and encourages a shift in focus and behavioural change in relation to sustainability, accessibility, charity and community from employees, customers, fans, brand partners and tenants at The O2.

Sunflower lanyards will be available to customers at the Welcome Desk.